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BedMaster Bedding

key features

Exclusive to BedMaster

Australian Made One Steel Hi/Low Pocket Spring exclusive to BedMaster Bedding. This pocket spring unit conforms superbly to all body shapes. Illuminating pressure points for a more comfortable night sleep.

Visco Gel Technology

The ultimate in Temperature control foam this Australian made Visco Gel delivers the sleeper a balanced temperature as you sleep, while memory foam delivers superior pressure relief and comfort.

Improve Air Circulation

Custom designed Australian Made premium foam box is designed to aid airflow allowing excess heat to escape while supporting the spring system and sleeper.

More Comfortable Sleep

Adaptive is an award winning temperature control feature infused into the sanitised Visco Stretch Knit Australian Made fabric ensuring cool, comfortable luxury for the sleeper.

Australian Made Guarantee

10 Year Australian Made Guarantee

why choose refresh

Rest and recuperate on Refresh. The pre-compressed, custom designed pocket coils in Recovery relieve pressure, minimise partner disturbance and ensure mattress longetivity. The centrally located Hi Lo nested pocket coils provide added lower back support and the visco gel comfort layer creates a cool, comfortable sleeping environment for even the warmest of bodies.

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