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the australian flora collection

“Amongst floating branches and leaves, we lay nestled in nature. Gazing through the blooms and embracing the stunning Australian landscape, we reach for the clouds as we begin to drift off to sleep.”

The relaxed Australian lifestyle and raw beauty of our unique landscape inspire The Australian Flora Collection. Intertwining the fine beauty of Australian flora and high quality Australian bedding materials and workmanship, this range perfectly pairs mattress innovation and creative flair.

Inspired by the intricate Kangaroo Paw flower, Kangaroo Bloom epitomises quality and beauty of the highest level.

Quintessentially Australian, Geraldton Flower gains inspiration from the delicate purple petals of the Geraldton Wax native.

Originating from the prominent beauty of the red Waratah, Waratah Blossom is alluring in both design and comfort.

Designed with the Wattle in mind, Golden Wattle is aesthetically pleasing as it is comfortable.

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