kangaroo bloom

Inspired by the kangaroo paw

handcrafted by

key features

Titanium Spring

Custom Australian Made Hi Lo Titanium progressive steel spring ensures consistency, reliability, durability and comfort with this zoned spring unit.

Edge to Edge Support

Custom designed premium ventilated foam box encases and supports spring unit, while providing greater edge to edge comfort and air flow.

Natural Thermal Properties

The thermal properties of wool help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Visco Gel Technology

Unique Gel particles embedded in the memory foam keep the sleep surface at a balanced temperature throughout the night.

Premium Australian Foam

Hi-end-Hi density premium foams provide the optimum feel and comfort, with the confidence of durability and lasting support.

Conventional Foam

Quality comfort layers with our conventional foams enhance your sleep while maintaining comfort and support.

More Comfortable Sleep

Adaptive is an award winning temperature control feature infused into the sanitised Visco Stretch Knit fabric ensuring cool, comfortable luxury for the sleeper.

Australian Made Guarantee

10 Year Guarantee

why choose kangaroo bloom

Kangaroo Bloom inspired by the intricate Kangaroo paw flower, Kangaroo Bloom epitomises quality and beauty of the highest level. Boasting an unexampled infinitely zoned Australian made Hi-Lo Titanium pocket spring system and only the most luxurious fabric and comfort layers, this range brings opulence and poise into every bedroom.

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