” Sleep well, naturally”

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key features

100% Natural

Our 100% natural latex is the ultimate in luxury and support, providing enduring comfort and pressure point relief.

More Comfortable Sleep

Adaptive is an award winning temperature control feature infused into the sanitised Visco Stretch Knit fabric ensuring cool, comfortable luxury for the sleeper.

Australian made Guarantee

10 Year Australian Made Guarantee.

why choose the ecorubber

EcoRubber provides the best night’s sleep, naturally. Manufactured using 100% Natural Rubber and the Dunlop process, the core and comfort layers in EcoRubber are made of a naturally grown, renewable resource. Natural Rubber is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial and has aseptic properties making it dust and mildew free and dust mite resistant. EcoRubber has a porous honeycomb structure allowing natural airflow through the mattress to maintain freshness and coolness a well as excellent support, preventing points of pressure in the head, neck and body. Go natural. Go EcoRubber.

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